Fixing Fido

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The stench of garbage, meat and fish overpower the air at the Belen meat market alongside the rising waters of the Amazon River. Barefoot children crowd the streets helping their families sell their wares. Dr. Jeff Werber threads his way through the dust, refuse, and crowds cradling a mange infested dog. Dr. Jeff is returning the dog to it's "home" on the streets of Belen hours after performing a vital neuter surgery and vaccinating against deadly diseases.

Fixing Fido is an original feature length documentary that will scour the globe for a unique look into the root of street dog overpopulation, the complex relationship between man and canine, and explore the often controversial methods being implemented to control overpopulation today. Eleven billion dollars a year are spent on the luxury pet industry, yet 3-4 million dogs are euthanized in the U.S. each year. Why? What for? How does this help the cause? Dog has long been man's best friend, but is man repaying the favor?

Isn't it time for man to be dog's Best Friend?

We explore these answers and follow vets around the world as they tend to the most forgotten and forsaken of these dogs.

The doctors will renew their commitment to treating sick and injured dogs as they leave not only their modern veterinary hospitals behind, but their families as well. They come from small towns and large cities and will be traveling to countries where medical conditions for humans appear shockingly insufficient. Despite the hazards, these veterinarians will work with the untamed, mistreated, and the sheer number of street up a section of the world that they have no true responsibility for.

The language, culture, scarcity of funds and medicine will be roadblocks that must be circumnavigated as the vets save animals in these remarkable conditions. In the midst of performing inspirational acts for the dogs, they will teach the local people to care for, dignify and perhaps even love these incredible creatures.

They will work diligently in the face of adversity. They will face overwhelming numbers of abused and feral dogs. Each fascinating location becomes an incredible challenge. And through all this they will begin to understand that:

These techniques CANNOT be taught in TEXTBOOKS.

The vets must deal with the "human" factor when it comes to travel, politics and bureaucracy at the same time educating -- while respecting -- the locals and their traditions. They will travel by airplane, motorcar, rickshaw, by foot or boat and the reality sets in as they, too, must deal with potentially deadly diseases in the water, food and animal populations.

These ARE your average veterinarians, in EXTRAORDINARY circumstances.

This film is an unparalleled inside look at some animal-loving heroes and why they choose to go to such great lengths to save animals in such difficult situations...thousands of miles away from home. Each vet will have their own approach, techniques and idiosyncrasies. Their need for adventure, inspiring love for animals and intense passion for their jobs is the common thread that crosses barriers and changes lives. The problem is overwhelming, but the result must be the same...Fixing Fido.