Fixing Fido

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Filming at the Western Veterinary Conference, in Las Vegas, where we will continue to solicit answers to some mounting questions. We will also connect and film Dr. Jeff as he chats up with some of the 13,000 vets attending.

Excited to have new Fixing Fido website up and running!

Edited a new cut of the presentation teaser to include Dr. now

We spent the day filming at Dr. Jeff's office in West Los Angeles. This high tech clinic creates a stark comparison to doing surgery on the Amazon river bank. But, like Iquitos, the patients kept coming and coming...

Our doc crew spent New Years Eve 2010 in the Lima Airport Customs line. Not the most glamorous way to spend it. Though the duty-free people were incredibly happy...but then again they have 600 reasons at their disposal.

Left Iquitos and our Peruvian Crew. Will miss getting around in motor-taxis and boats, the intense beauty of an Amazon sunset, and the clamoring choas of this unique city. Dr. Jeff leaves feeling like he made a dent.

Continuing to film in the Peruvian Amazon. Dr. Jeff and Amazon CARES are educating locals and doing spay/neuter surgeries in the most incredible of situations. And getting an education himself about performing these surgeries while getting bit by wasps and fire ants.

Met up with our Iquitos based production assistants--headed by our coordinator--Che Pibe. These guys are crucial in getting around safely here.

Embarking on the trip to Peru. Our documentary crew is filming Dr. Jeff as he takes a "holiday" to Iquitos to find out if he can make an impact (they have over 90,000 dogs) in such a remote locale. Almost 17 hour journey (with a layover) just to Lima. And then a smaller airplane to Iquitos....which is the world's largest city without a road leading to it.

Found out that Dr. Jeff Werber, Lassie's veterinarian, was able to hook up with Molly Mednikow, who founded Amazon CARES. We're planning on filming his trip to work with the charity and street dogs, in Iquitos, Peru. Bringing such insight to the film that's completely outside of his everyday lifestyle and job.

Fixing Fido Film partnered up with Amazon CARES as our 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor.